Establishing GLSBOR Academy in a collaboration with WHO : Your Path to Health Excellence

GLSBOR, in partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO), is excited to announce the establishment of the GLSBOR Academy, a premier learning institution aimed at enhancing the skills of health professionals and enthusiasts. The Academy is designed to be a beacon of health education and practice, offering a diverse range of courses both online and in-person.
Key Reasons to Choose GLSBOR Academy:

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Catering to both experienced health professionals and eager learners, the Academy provides a broad spectrum of courses that encompass evidence-based practices and the latest innovations in healthcare.
  • Customized Learning Experience: GLSBOR Academy believes in the power of personalized education. Each participant will benefit from tailored guidance, ensuring their learning path aligns with their individual aspirations and contributes to improved health outcomes in their communities.
  • Worldwide Accessibility: The Academy’s reach is global, aiming to educate millions of health workers and enthusiasts across the globe, regardless of their location.
    Academy Objectives:
  • Practical Application: The Academy focuses on translating health guidance into actionable knowledge, providing practical insights that can be applied in real-world scenarios.
  • Evolving Education: Courses at the Academy are dynamic, continuously updated to reflect the latest research and trends in healthcare.
  • Commitment to Excellence: As a UN Partner and Supplier, GLSBOR upholds the highest standards in training and data protection, ensuring the trust and safety of all participants.
    Highlighted Training Topics:
  • Health System Enhancement: Specialized training packages are available to develop skills in policy implementation and health system optimization.
  • Medical Device Expertise: Participants can delve into the complexities of medical equipment, learning to utilize technology for superior patient care.
  • Statistical Analysis: The Academy offers programs designed to enhance the ability to effectively analyze health data.
  • Innovative Healthcare Strategies: Explore cutting-edge methods to improve healthcare systems.
  • Digital Health Proficiency: Learn to navigate the digital health landscape, covering everything from telemedicine to health applications.
  • Regulatory Knowledge: Gain a deep understanding of the regulations that govern health organizations.
  • Health Technology Assessment (HTA): Demystify HTA and learn to make informed decisions.
  • Hospital Management: Acquire insights into efficient hospital operations to achieve better patient outcomes.
  • Health Economics: Understand the economic aspects of healthcare and learn to optimize resources.
  • Patient Safety: Discover industry best practices for patient protection and care quality.
  • Pharmacovigilance: Emphasize the importance of drug safety monitoring.
  • Digital Solutions for Limited Resources: Learn how to implement digital health solutions in settings with limited IT infrastructure.
    GLSBOR is proud to support its partners with the services of the GLSBOR Academy—a nexus of knowledge and action where health education transforms lives. For more information, please refer to the attached newsletter. More details kindly contact

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