Global Society Of Biologicals And Outcomes Research

GLSBOR is Non-Profit Organization based in Spain with different branches and offices internationally aiming for supporting and enhancement of health systems through evidence-based tools to achieve the following objectives

  • Providing analytic and evaluative descriptions of different health systems and systematically monitoring developments.
  • Exploring how health systems ‘work’ through secondary and comparative research, multi-disciplinary studies and policy briefs on key and emerging challenges.
  • Enhance Performance assessment by supporting the development and interpretation of indicators for practical policy use and to help improve performance.
  • Sharing the knowledge   by making GLSBOR evidence visible and useful to its target audiences by unpacking and sharing it in a range of formats.

And managing the following challenges

 Economics of wellbeing and wellbeing frameworks.

  • Enhance Public Heath through Effective Governance.
  •  Developing Organizational models, skill mix and financing for effective integrated care.
  •  Enhance Implementing organizational and technological innovation.


  • Stake holders Partnership to understand real policy needs and the complexities of evidence, and together steer the GLSBOR’s work to ensure it is relevant and useful,
  • The partnership is committed to policy relevance, impartiality, quality, flexibility and the public good.
  • Networks: There are more than 300 academics and practitioners who work with the GLSBOR each year, sharing their knowledge and expertise – they are at the heart of the GLSBOR achievements.
  • GLSBOR has a dedicated staff team based in different countries. They work across country, disciplinary and institutional boundaries to bring policy makers the evidence they need.