Global Society Of Biologicals And Outcomes Research

GLSBOR supports enhancement of health systems through evidence based health policy making by comprehensive and rigorous analysis of the dynamics of health care systems globally .It engages directly with policy makers and experts, and works in partnership with research centers  governments and international organizations to analyses health systems and policy trends. Also sharing experiences between all medical staff (Regulators, Health care policy makers’ physicians, pharmacists, Nurses, pharmaceutical industry) about Biologicals & Biosimilars medicines and it’s impact on Enhancement of health systems globally

1- Development Of Strock Systems At Low And Middle Income Countries

2- Policy Analysis For Non Communicable Diseases At Low And Middle Income Countries

3- Enhancement Accessibility Of Rare Diseases For Innovative Medicines

4- Strengthening Regulatory Systems For Low And Middle Income Countries

5-Strengtheing Regulatory Systems For Emerging Markets

6-Technology Solutions And Enhancement Of Health Systems Challenges And Opportunities

7-Reshaping polices for Non Communicable Diseases at Low & Middle Income Countries

8-Reshaping polices for Non Communicable Diseases at MENA Regions