GLSBOR potential supplier to the United Nations

Becoming a potential supplier and partner with the United Nations (UN) through GLSBOR offers several valuable benefits:

Unified Registration: By registering on the United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM), you complete a single registration form that covers 30 UN organizations. This streamlined process reduces the effort required to access the UN market1.

Global Exposure: Your supplier profile becomes visible to over 29,000 UN staff members worldwide once you complete the registration on UNGM. This exposure allows you to introduce your products and services not only to various UN organizations but also to UN staff members across different regions and countries1.

Equal Opportunities: Regardless of your company’s size, the registration process is the same for all suppliers. Most registered suppliers on UNGM are Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). This ensures equal opportunities for all, regardless of their scale1.

Requirement for UN Procurement Opportunities: Many UN organizations now require registration on UNGM to participate in procurement opportunities. Additionally, as more UN organizations adopt e-procurement systems, UNGM serves as the entry point for these opportunities1.

Unlocking Global Markets: GLSBOR’s collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) establishes the GLSBOR Academy, providing specialized training and recognized certifications. This expertise can help you navigate complex regulatory landscapes, secure optimal pricing, and achieve global market access2.

Market Access Services: GLSBOR assists in maximizing your Return on Investment (ROI) by offering targeted market access strategies. Swift market entry is crucial, and GLSBOR’s agile approach positions you ahead of competitors2.

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