🌟 Announcing the International Conference on Cancer and Oncology Research (Spec Cancer 2024) 🌟  Rome Italy 2024

We are thrilled to invite you to the International Conference on Cancer and Oncology Research (Spec Cancer 2024), which will take place in the captivating city of Rome, Italy on May 30-31, 2024. Our theme for this conference is “Exploring Recent Research and Advancements in Cancer and Oncology Research.” 

Why Attend Spec Cancer 2024? 

  1. Scientific Partnership with GLSBOR: We are proud to announce that GLSBOR will be  scientific partner for this groundbreaking event. Their expertise and commitment to advancing cancer research align perfectly with our conference goals. 
  2. CME Hours from UN: As an added benefit, attendees will earn Continuing Medical Education (CME) hours accredited by the United Nations. Stay ahead in your field while contributing to the global fight against cancer. 
  3. Innovative Ideas: Spec Cancer 2024 promises to be a hub of innovative ideas. From cutting-edge research presentations to interactive workshops, you’ll be exposed to groundbreaking concepts that can shape the future of oncology. 
  4. Different from Other Conferences: What sets Spec Cancer 2024 apart? Here’s why: 
  5. Dynamic Complexes in DNA Repair: Dive into structural and mechanistic insights into dynamic complexes involved in DNA repair. Discover the latest breakthroughs that can revolutionize cancer treatment. 
  6. Immunotherapy and Radiotherapy: Explore clinical trials focusing on immuno-radiotherapy. Learn how these novel approaches are changing the landscape of cancer care. 
  7. Computational Cancer Biology: Uncover the power of computational tools in understanding cancer biology. Witness how data-driven approaches are accelerating discoveries. 
  8. Young Researchers Spotlight: Our poster presentations will feature young researchers sharing fresh perspectives. Be part of their journey as they contribute to the field. 

Additional Benefits for Attendees (Beyond CME Hours from UN):

  • Access to Cutting-Edge Research: Attendees will gain insights into the latest advancements in nursing practice, technology, and patient care. The conference sessions will feature groundbreaking research that can directly impact their work.
  • Interactive Workshops: Engage in hands-on workshops led by experts. Attendees can learn practical skills, such as evidence-based practice, telehealth implementation, and patient communication.
  • Career Development: The conference provides a platform for attendees to showcase their work, present posters, and participate in panel discussions. Networking with peers and industry professionals can lead to career opportunities.

Key Dates to Note: 

  • Abstract Submission Deadline: April 30, 2024 
  • Early Bird Registration: January 31, 2024 
  • Mid-Term Registration: March 28, 2024 

Join Us in Rome! 

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with experts, network with peers, and be part of the global effort to combat cancer. Register now for Spec Cancer 2024: Register Here 

See you in Rome! 🌍🌿🔬 

For more information, visit the official conference website 1

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